Pitch Perfect – Our Business Photo Book Service

Pitch Perfect – Our Business Photo Book Service

Our Business Photo Book Service Helps This Company Make Their Mark

At Booked Images our business photo books service has helped many companies showcase their offerings in an original and innovative way. In particular our business photo books service is an exceptional tool to use when bidding for a contract or pitching for sales, as evident by this exquisite coffee table book that we created in order to help a local company bid for a catering contract at the Rio Olympics.

Pitching for a high end catering service at the Games the company in question were aware that they would face stiff competition and wanted a unique platform for showcasing the high quality services that they could provide. By utilising our business photo book services they were able to make a fantastic first impression whilst ensuring that the book covered all of the important information that the committee would need to make their decision.

As part of the process we worked with the company’s marketing agency to ensure that the best images were used and that the structure and layout of the book fitted with the company’s brand and style, and combined stunning contemporary creative design with a series of rendered images to show exactly what the proposed facility would look like.

The luxurious design of the book complements the high end, Michelin star, services which are the fundamentals of our client’s bid and using the best traditions of bookbinding and the highest level of craftsmanship the end result provided a stunning way for our client to show costs, drawings and photos to vastly improve their commercial presentation.

Adding luxurious handmade slip cases we produced 7 hand bound books for this project, one of which was an original hand signed by the company. The remaining 6 copies were sent to the Olympic committee members in Switzerland and we are delighted to say that the company in question have made it down to the last 2 businesses in the running for the contract.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our business coffee table books service and how we can offer your company a fantastic approach to creating an exceptional first impression.

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