Ultra book

A luxurious hand bound book with satin photographic hard pages. Bevelled binding with chamfered edges.

Comes with 40 pages.

We are passionate about providing exceptional high quality printed products which is why we have teamed up with LumeJet. LumeJet is a brand new provider of ultra high resolution photographic print, offering the next generation of quality print to those who want high quality, natural and accurate printing.


LumeJet print is of the highest quality on offer in the market and perfectly complements our existing premium book products, adding an element of outstanding quality that other suppliers will struggle to match. The LumeJet printed “Ultra Book”, combined with our elegance binding, produces a stunning book for any occasion where quality really matters.




12 x 16”, 12 x 12”, 11 x 14”

Cover options

Picture, buckram or leather